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BBA (Bachelor In Business Administration)


BRD College is the best/top BBA College in Roorkee Uttarakhand.  Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is an undergraduate course in Commerce and Business Administration BBA programs expose students to a variety of “core subjects” and allow students to specialize in a particular academic area. The degree likewise builds up the student’s practical, managerial, and communication skills, and business decision-making capability. Numerous projects incorporate preparing and practical experience, as case projects, industrial visits, presentations, internships, and interaction with experts from the industry. Through a complete educational program, a BBA course can set you up for a certifiable business organization job. You can figure out how to achieve a savvy business decision through exact examination, a range of abilities that can apply over each part of the business, from arranging how the association will work every day to altering systems even with progressing changes and difficulties. With an Increased Start-up scenario and India becoming a global manufacturing hub, opportunities have exponentially increased for BBA graduates. There are many options for future growth in the Logistics and Supply chain, Marketing, Finance, and Human resources management sector

Degree Structure

The duration of the degree will be Three Academic years comprising six Semesters. Each Semester will be of 22 weeks duration

Eligibility Criteria:-Students who have passed 10+2 or senior secondary examination with at least 40% marks can join the BBA Course.
The students need to qualify for the written examination and personal interview conducted by the institute.
The selection will be based on merit

Career Opportunity

BBA is the essential platform for someone inclined towards breaking through to a decent MBA program. Because Bachelor’s in Business Administration lays the basis of your management education. The scope of the management course is increasing rapidly. If you have finished your degree, you have an incredible opening for work in the industry. In the management sector, you can reach the top designation, in a speedy range of time. It opens various professional ways later on. In any segment, business organization specialists or experts have an exceptionally huge job. The management is the best approach to reach the highest point of the stature at the earliest opportunity by utilizing your authority and working capability. A management professional plays an essential job in his/her organization, and this is the reason he/she is supposed to stay in contact with the top authorities. A bachelor’s in business administration can find a job in all parts, including private and public have different ventures, organizations, foundations, or related associations, come in the prospective job fields for management professionals.

After completing the BBA course, most of the students prefer to do a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Although, BBA can also open a wide door of opportunities like:

  1. Company manager
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Guest Houses
  4. Marketing, human resources, finance, operations, or information systems specialist
  5. Investment banker
  6. Private equity manager
  7. Strategic consultant
  8. Auditor
  9. Investment adviser
  10. Research and Development Manager

Salary Trends.

BBA graduates generally commands good, respectable remuneration based on their talent and knowledge. With previous work-experience and necessary skill sets in this domain, candidates can earn a handsome salary.

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